Cyber Security Training

The vast majority of IT breaches are caused by human error. Learn how to protect your business with cutting edge cybersecurity training from Integrated365.  

What Does Top-Tier Cybersecurity Training Look Like?

The vast majority of IT breaches are caused by human error. Learn how to protect your business with cutting edge cybersecurity training from Integrated365.  

Even cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and the best IT technicians can’t fully protect your valuable data from breaches. Statistics consistently show that human error is the most common cause of data breaches; in fact, one estimate shows that up to 95% of breaches are caused by business employees. It’s all too easy to choose a weak password, click on a wrong link, open an innocent-looking email without double-checking it, and the list goes on.

However, the good news is that there is a simple, efficient way to drastically reduce employee mistakes, and that is by offering ongoing cybersecurity training to your staff members. With proper training and strong, clear cybersecurity rules, your employees will be empowered to protect your company from devastating cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Training In Dallas/Fort Worth

What Can Cyber Security Training Do for Your Business?

Integrated365 specializes in proving cybersecurity training to employees from a wide range of industries in the Dallas area. Our cybersecurity training includes:

  • Instruction on the importance of choosing strong passwords, keeping passwords secure and using two-factor authentication.
  • Training in recognizing common cyberattacks such as malicious email attachments, pop-ups, and dangerous links.
  • Training in handling ransomware attacks to limit the damage. Ransomware attacks have become increasingly commonplace but it is possible to protect some of your files even as an attack is in progress if your staff members know how to take quick action to stop it from spreading throughout your entire IT network.
  • Jargon-free training in using the cloud. We make it easy for your staff members to transition to cloud storage usage by providing easy-to-understand training sessions and practical instruction on moving files to the cloud and then accessing files and applications on the new cloud server.
  • Providing new employees with guidance on staying in step with industry regulations. As just about every company uses IT to remain industry-compliant, our training can help your new staff members learn the ropes so they can follow industry regulations without compromising productivity and efficiency.

Our cybersecurity training programs are second to none as we do our homework and adapt our training sessions to meet your exact needs at any given point in time. What’s more, our IT technicians continually stay abreast of industry developments to ensure our cybersecurity training programs are up to date, offering valuable information on the latest threats and the best ways of combatting them.

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