Healthcare IT Services in Dallas

Maintaining fully-compliant IT systems is becoming more challenging as governance evolves. See how managed healthcare IT services can take the pressure off of your internal IT team.

Healthcare IT Services Support HIPAA Compliance and Data Assurance

Maintaining fully-compliant IT systems is becoming more challenging as governance evolves. See how managed healthcare IT services can take the pressure off of your internal IT team.  

Your technology infrastructure is the backbone of your practice, providing your teams with access to the vital patient and financial information they need to successfully provide service to the community. Streamlining communication between staff and patients is a major boon provided by proactive healthcare IT services, allowing healthcare providers to ensure that they always have access to the most up-to-date information. Without access to full-time technology solutions providers, maintaining a full suite of telecommunications, hardware and software solutions is more complex than ever before — creating potential points of failure for your operations and patient experience. See how working with Integrated 365 for your healthcare IT services can help dramatically improve the quality of care that you are able to provide while ensuring your practice is fully compliant with all government regulations.

Healthcare IT Services In Dallas

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance and Data Security

HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements are stringent, requiring strict access rules to data as well as specific reporting and cybersecurity measures to be in place. With a wide range of healthcare IT services, you’ll find that maintaining full compliance and even auditing is more streamlined than ever before. Integrated 365 provides you with software support, strategic advice that is tailored to the needs of your practice, EMR and EHR security, best-practices for data validation, storage and backup and more. You need to know that your healthcare IT services provider specializes in the topics that are most important to you: security, consistency, cost reduction and continually driving towards an improved patient experience.

Managed Healthcare IT Services Reduce Variability of Service

Your patients want to know that they are going to receive a consistent quality of care each time they visit you. While it seems easy enough, simple problems such as a server that is non-responsive can completely derail your patient experience, causing unexpected delays that are frustrating to staff and patients alike. Multi-site facilities often struggle with this type of situation, particularly when technology teams are scattered between locations. With healthcare IT services provided by Integrated 365, you will immediately see the value of having immediate access to talented individuals who are able to aggressively tackle even the most challenging situations.

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Protecting your organization from unnecessary risk is the hallmark of solid healthcare IT services. When you work with the professionals at Integrated365, you can be confident that we have the necessary skills and tools to provide a secure, reliable infrastructure that protects your confidential patient data as well as your operations. Healthcare entities are at an increased risk of attack by cybercriminals, but a combination of aggressive defense and active monitoring can provide the level of security needed so you can focus on serving your patients. Contact the team at Integrated365 at 972-408-8649 or via email to to schedule your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.