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Why Do You Need an Outsourced IT Support?

Since the advent of technology and the adoption of IT in running business operations, key decision-makers have been continuously plagued with the dilemma of whether to have an in-house IT support team or outsource one. Various experts have fronted the notion that this debate is an argument between two ‘rights’.

Outsourced IT Support In Dallas Texas
1. Round the Clock Availability

Most in-house IT support teams will only serve during official working hours and retire to their residences. However efficient they maybe, once in a while they will have to seek leaves, go on breaks, holidays or even call in sick. This may affect the seamless running of business IT procedures. With a competitive outsource IT firm like Integrated365, all this unpredictability is eliminated. They guarantee a 24/7 efficiency.

2. Experience

Outsourced IT teams carry with them the advantage of collective expertise, thanks to their experience in running several corporations. With this technical experience comes an in-depth understanding of IT infrastructure and data patterns, and the skill set to enable prediction and evasion of potential IT threats. While an in-house team may pride in understanding the firm’s situation better, they lack the knowledge that comes with past encounters.

3. Security

A study conducted by Clark School at the University of Mary Land concluded that cyberattacks in the USA occur every 39 seconds on average. These cybercrimes are from all sections, from small startups to multinational companies, extending even to places of worship and learning institutions. The study further puts the global mitigation costs to these breaches at approximately $3.9billion, averaging at between $4million to $150 million to solve each case.

No firm is immune to a data hack, and an internal IT support team may not just be good enough to handle these threats unless it specializes in IT security. Upskilling the team to be IT Security competent is itself an exorbitant and recurrent course.

Outsource IT service providers are up-to-speed with modern IT security technologies and will guarantee you the safety of your IT resources.

4. Operational Cost

From the surface, an in-house IT team looks cheaper. Not until you consider the cost of setting up necessary infrastructures, obtaining requisite licenses, and footing bills for various subscriptions. Partnering with the outsourced IT team saves the hustle to maintain the hardware and constant capacity building for the team.

While the price is not the main benefit accrued from outsourced teams, it is arguably the final affront. Every organization seeks to minimize spend and optimize output, and that’s what an outsourced team achieves. Other advantages of outsourcing include transferring the burden of compliance to the IT support company, predictable budgets, attaining a high speed and efficiency.

When Should You Outsource Your IT?

1. In case you have no in-house IT team

Startup companies or existing ones should consider remote IT services. Setting up one from scratch and maintaining it is quite cumbersome.

2. As a complement to an existing IT

While the in-house IT handles everyday computing, an external firm can be hired to hire more complex logistics like setting up new infrastructures and upgrading systems.

Integrated365 is the leading provider of outsourced IT support in Dallas. It is keen to provide integrated IT solutions so that the administrators are left to channel their entire efforts on planning for the growth of the business.

Outsourced IT Support in Dallas by Integrated365

1. Cyber Security

As technology keeps on changing, so do new cyber attack threats emerge. Integrated365 guarantees state-of-the-art cybersecurity services ranging from remote supervision of your IT security, management of risks, data protection, and a 24/7 emergency response. There are also programs to train in-house employees on issues of cybersecurity.

2. Analysis of Business IT Technology

Setting up an IT infrastructure and leaving it at that is not adequate. Integrated365 has a competent pool of technicians specialized in analyzing IT technologies and suggesting the best ways to optimize their operations.

3. Institution and monitoring of Cloud Technologies

Cloud-based business operations are the future of business computation and engagements. This technology integrates processes, improves cybersecurity, and has a relatively lower TCO.

Most enterprises usually have trouble scaling from public to private clouds or HCUs. Integrated365 not only helps you find out the best cloud technology for your firm but also does the setup and constant monitoring.

4. Telephone and VoIP System

Communication is the core of any business transaction. A minor hitch in connection can be very costly. Personnel at Integrated365 have cutting-edge know-how on the latest information technologies to bridge any communication gaps.

VOIP, one of the most recent innovations, allows firms to conduct practically all communication engagements over the internet — phone calls (within the organization or from customers to the firm), audio and video conferencing, text messaging, and sending faxes. Voice over the internet protocols is very cheap compared to regular calls.

Why Choose Integrated365

  • The firm has a vibrant background on remote IT solutions and comprehension of outsourced IT support in Dallas, spinning across several years. Integrated365 has predicted and successfully mitigated very many IT complications in Dallas. Au courant with the fact that experience is not enough and that IT keeps on changing, the firm regularly facilities upskilling of its technicians to keep them abreast of emerging technologies and patterns.
  • Unlike most IT teams that tend to act just when an IT breach has occurred, Integrated365 is proactive and will help you prevent the cyber-attack before it happens.
  • Integrated365 appreciates how IT needs vary from one enterprise to the other. Consequently, it has trained its technicians to tailor solutions particular to the individual businesses.
  • It has invested very heavily in cybersecurity technology and cyber hack mitigation protocols.

Integrated365 offers its outsourced IT support in Dallas to a wide range of enterprises, with specialization in healthcare, law firms, corporations, manufacturingand oil and gas companies.

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