Cloud Technologies

Get a glimpse into what cloud computing and technologies can offer your business and discover who to turn to for expert help in transitioning into the future.   

Multiple Cloud Technology Options At Your Service

Get a glimpse into what cloud computing and technologies can offer your business and discover who to turn to for expert help in transitioning into the future.   

Cloud computing has much to offer. It lowers business costs, boosts cybersecurity, increases productivity, and more. However, that doesn’t mean that any-old cloud storage solution is going to give your business a leg-up over the competition. You need an expert who can set up, monitor and manage a secure, flexible, scalable cloud storage solution that meets your exact business needs, at a cost you can afford.

Integrated365 specializes in cloud computing and has the tools and know-how to set up the cloud-based server of your choice, be it a public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid solution.

Cloud Technologies In Dallas

Public Cloud

Public cloud services include well-known options such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Public cloud storage is ideal for most small business owners as it is affordable, efficient, and secure. It can be used by multiple workers with ease, is ideal for SaaS applications and offers scalable storage space that can be increased or reduced as the need arises.

Private Cloud

Private clouds offer the highest level of security and control, making it the option for choice for companies that must adhere to strict industry regulations. Integrated365 can set up and manage this form of cloud service on behalf of your company, sparing you the expense and hassle of having to buy and manage your own software and infrastructure.

Hybrid Storage Solutions

As the name implies, a hybrid solution combines two or even more storage solutions to suit your needs and budget. Two common hybrid cloud storage solutions are:

  • Using a combination of private and public clouds to run applications and store data. Companies that use both clouds typically store the most sensitive information on a private cloud while using the public cloud to run applications used in day to day business operations and automatically back-up business data.
  • Combining a private or public cloud with an on-site storage option. If your business needs to store files and applications on-site, we can help you set up a secure, efficient option for this while at the same time moving select folders and programs to the cloud to make it easy for employees to collaborate on important projects, back up files without undue hassle, and share information with customers or business partners as the need arises.

Cloud Expertise To Help Guide Your Dallas/Fort Worth Organization

Integrated365 has nearly twenty years of experience successfully managing IT operations for a wide range of businesses throughout the Dallas area. We can not only offer multiple cloud computing options but also provide you with expert counsel and advice to help you pick the form of cloud computing that best meets your business’ needs. Get in touch with us to set up a winning cloud service that will propel your company into the future.