Outsourced IT Solutions in Dallas 

Integrated365 provides outsourced IT solutions and IT support for large to emerging organizations in Dallas.

You Really, Absolutely Need Outsourced IT Solutions in Dallas

The importance of computers in the business world cannot be overstated. Every single business relies on them to market goods and services, facilitate in-house communication, keep track of bills and income, research industry trends, analyze and store data, and much more. That’s why every single Dallas-based company should have the best IT solutions available to not only keep the current IT set-up running smoothly but also proactively apply cutting-edge technologies to the workplace in order to stay ahead of the competition and exceed customer expectations.

Keeping your IT set-up in good working order isn’t a job for a single IT tech person or even an entire in-house IT department. Working with outside professionals is highly recommended if you want to ensure you’re using the best, fastest, most secure IT tools for your business. The following are some amazing benefits of partnering with a company that offers IT solutions in Dallas.

Outsourced IT Solutions In Dallas

Get Immediate Access to Specialized Skillsets

About 46% of companies have found that outsourcing one or more aspects of their IT set-up has provided them with access to skill sets that aren’t available within the company itself. Do you need someone who can customize a software program for you, or build a new one from scratch? Do you need expert help integrating one or more programs, transitioning to a cloud service provider, creating a disaster recovery plan, setting up a new file back-up system, or implementing a new data analytics system so you can collect, analyze and use data in an ethical, efficient manner? Your in-house IT technician or department may be able to handle some of these jobs but they won’t be able to continually monitor your IT systems while simultaneously helping your improve operations. What’s more, your in-house IT technician may not have the skills to do a stellar job in one of these specialized fields.

IT managed services, on the other hand, employ specialists who can help you with specific jobs. What’s more, the company technicians stay up-to-date on technology developments and trends to ensure you get access to cutting-edge tools and solutions that will benefit your business long-term. As an added benefit, you don’t have to worry about paying high annual salaries and benefits to get access to top-tier help. Instead, you pay for the services you need, when you need them.

Cut Costs

A whopping 87% of businesses outsource IT jobs in order to cut costs. It’s not hard to see why considering the fact that the average annual salary for an IT technician in the United States is $74,653. The sum, which does not include benefits, is often out of reach for small and mid-size business owners who then struggle to compete against large firms.

Partnering with an IT managed service levels the playing field as you gain access to the same level of expertise typically available to large, international firms. You’ll get 24/7 support and monitoring services, top-level cybersecurity tools and services, cloud migration and support, incidence response planning and risk management assessment, IT training for staff members, and more. The cost for these services is very reasonable and a good IT managed service will be happy to customize its offerings to suit your budget.

Improve Data Security

Texas is one of the top three states with the most data breaches in the United States. Hackers are continually on the job, developing new tools and tricks to gain access to your invaluable data. They target large companies, small businesses, educational institutions, hospitals and other medical organizations, NGOs, municipalities, and even government departments and organizations.

You need stellar cybersecurity to keep your business data safe now and in the future, and IT managed services offer the tools you need to protect your business long-term. They can train and monitor your employees to ensure they are adhering to cybersecurity guidelines. continually monitor your systems to find and eliminate vulnerabilities, install next-generation firewall software to protect your systems from a wide range of threats, set up endpoint security to ensure remote devices connecting to your IT network are bonafide and much more.

Get the Best IT Solutions in Dallas with Integrated 365 Support

Integrated 365 is a leading Dallas-based IT managed service provider that specializes in offering customized IT services to healthcare organizations, the oil and gas industry, law firms, manufacturing companies, large corporations, and small business owners. Our team provides a plethora of services and tools to help you improve in-house efficiency, cut costs, stay in step with industry regulations, improve customer services, increase your ROI and profits, and more. We offer:

  • Technology analysis and strategic IT consulting to help you find ways to improve operations long-term. We don’t settle for an IT set-up that works “just fine”; instead, we want to provide you with the best tools for the job so you can reach your business goals faster and more easily than would have otherwise been possible.
  • Cloud migration and support. We help you identify and set-up a cloud storage option that suits your needs and industry requirements. Next, we plan and execute a secure, efficient transition to the cloud without interrupting regular business operations. Finally, we monitor your cloud server to ensure it’s secure and working at optimal speed and performance at all times.
  • Business telephone systems with amazing cost and time-saving features and amenities, customized to meet your specifications. We offer both VoIP and on-premise telephone systems along with system monitoring to keep your telephone set-up in good working order at all times.
  • A comprehensive cybersecurity package that includes IT training for staff members, full data protection, IT monitoring services, risk assessment and mitigation and disaster recovery services

Are you looking for IT solutions in Dallas that will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations? If so, get in touch with us to get to know more about who we are and what we offer or to schedule an appointment with our team of IT experts at your convenience.