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When Is it Time to Switch IT Companies?

Partnerships in businesses are essential, but a time comes when you outgrow the collaboration, or both your objectives no longer match. High prices that don’t match the services provided may be the driving force that breaks the partnership. Are you not sure about the right time to move on?

Read through our list of signs that will help you form a clear answer.

When Is it Time to Switch IT Companies_

Signs That It’s Time to Switch IT Companies

  • You Keep on Experiencing Recurrent Issues: Do you always experience network downtimes? Or are your devices continuously attacked by viruses? All these recurrent issues should tell you that something is not working right in your organization. An outsourced IT company’s main objective is to make sure that such problems don’t occur in the very first place. You can also benefit from the doubt that some of these problems might be new, but it’s now their job to set up strict measures that ensure issues don’t happen twice.
  • You Are Vulnerable to Security Breaches: With time, you might realize there are severe loopholes in your company’s security. Security issues stem from your IT support inferior security protocols. In case you are using the services of offshore IT support, they may not necessarily be in touch with your country’s security regulations. Once you start struggling with compliance requirements, you should shift to a local IT service provider.
  • Your Service Provider Has a High Turnover Rate: Are you in a scenario that you continuously see different people handle your IT needs? It is a clear indicator that your IT partner has high turnover rates, and they are continually shifting their employees. A sound system should be run by a technical team familiar with it and knows all the ins and outs. A company with shifting employees will result in inconsistent output from your organization.
  • You are Partnering with an Inexperienced IT Support Company: Chances are you might be the first client of an IT support firm, and their team of technical experts is inexperienced. Lack of experience becomes evident when they struggle with problems that your initial IT team could handle, or they take time fixing things. Partnering with them can make your business not realize its full potential and will reduce your competitive edge in the market.
  • When Your IT Company Does Not Mention Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity has become a significant field in the IT world that is highly regulated, you are a company that handles the client’s data and sensitive information, and your IT partner doesn’t bring up cybersecurity, then you should be worried. A reliable IT support firm should be up to date with the cyber world’s latest threats, such as emerging ransomware. They should be able to offer services like network penetration testing that identifies vulnerabilities in your system. Your staff also requires regular training to sensitize them on possible threats and avoid them during their work process. If you find it hard keeping up with cybersecurity compliance requirements, it is high time you make the switch.
  • The Response Time to Your Hardware Problems Is Slow: You might have experienced a hardware problem, and their technicians delay responding to the issues. An IT support company with inadequate personnel will put you through this scenario several times since their technicians are busy handling other companies at the time.  A company that does not offer you on-site support should prompt you to switch. It would be best to search for a firm that prioritizes your issues first and provides a timely response.
  • When Your Existing Contract is No Longer Adequate: Your IT service provider may fail to comply with your IT support contract. The evolution of your business will also make your current contract with your IT partner irrelevant. For instance, your organization is moving to cloud services, yet your IT provider only offers on-site hardware and software services with no plans of upgrading their model. Ensure you have a proper service level agreement that covers uptime, response times, and clearly outlines penalties if your IT partner fails to meet its promises.
  • Your IT Support Company is Always Trying to Upsell: New technology is always popping up in today’s digitized world. It is usual for your IT support company to keep you updated with emerging trends and avail new technology to you. They usually formulate strategic plans with a timeline on how you shall receive those upgrades without shifting your pricing plan. The moment they try convincing you each time to upgrade to a more expensive package whenever there is new tech, it’s time you start switching services.
  • Unexpected Costs Keep Showing Up on All Your Invoices: If your IT partner keeps purchasing and installing equipment without informing you, definitely you will receive invoices with high costs. Unexpected costs also arise when the agreement you signed isn’t clear on what is covered and not covered. Seek a better deal the instance you feel the fees are too high.

Make a Move to a Trusted IT Company

You are probably nodding yes to all the signs above. Integrated365 is the solution to all these problems. Partnering with us ensures you receive a hustle free experience of no more frequent downtimes. With our on-site options, regular visits, and rapid disaster response teams, it promises you a positive turn around for your business. Switch over today and enjoy the benefits of a trusted, reputable IT company at your side.

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