Managed IT Security

Does your business have the managed IT security it needs to repel cyber threats? If not, discover how to get expert IT help to protect your valuable data.  

Cybersecurity Services For Dallas/Fort Worth Companies

Does your business have the managed IT security it needs to repel cyber threats? If not, discover how to get expert IT help to protect your valuable data.  

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly commonplace as hackers continually come up with new ways to infiltrate IT networks across the nation. No-one is immune, as small business owners, international corporations, educational institutions, hospitals, and even entire municipalities have been targeted by malicious third parties. That’s why your business needs the best, most advanced managed IT security services to protect your valuable data from falling into the wrong hands.

Managed IT Security Services In Dallas

Comprehensive Managed IT Security Solutions

Integrated365 is a leading Dallas-based IT managed service provider that offers a host of IT security tools, strategies, and services to keep your IT system secure at all times. Our arsenal of cybersecurity tools includes:

  • Cybersecurity scans. We conduct a thorough cybersecurity scan for each new client. This enables you and us to see what your weak points are and how they can be strengthened.
  • Employee cybersecurity training. Human error is a leading cause of breaches. Our ongoing cybersecurity training programs help your employees avoid common yet deadly mistakes that could put your company out of business.
  • Intrusion detection. Integrated365 specializes in intrusion detection. While we use anti-virus/anti-malware programs and firewalls to keep your systems safe, we don’t rely 100% on these programs as savvy hackers can bypass them. Instead, we continually monitor your systems to catch potential breaches as soon as they happen and immediately eliminate them.
  • Secure cloud storage. Cloud storage is more secure than on-site storage, so we encourage companies to move their applications and data to the cloud as much as possible. We supervise the migration process, ensuring that data is safe during the transition process and as it is being accessed and used while on the cloud.
  • Dark web domain monitoring. We continually monitor the dark web to ensure your valuable business information hasn’t been compromised.
  • Disaster recovery services. Do you have a plan in place to deal with a malware attack, ransomware attack, or any other serious cyber-related incident? If not, we can help you create a winning plan that meets your exact needs. Our technicians will conduct a comprehensive overview of your systems to know what your IT needs and priorities would be in the event of a cyberattack. We will then work with you to create an IT business continuance plan that keeps your company running smoothly no matter what happens Furthermore, we test our disaster recovery plans regularly to ensure that there are no loose ends or unforeseen problems.

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Integrated365 puts a premium on providing top-tier cybersecurity to each client. What’s more, our technicians regularly undergo additional training to learn how to recognize and deal with new threats as they arise. Get in touch with us to receive the cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and services your business needs and deserves.