Do I Need Co-Managed IT Services in Dallas? (Problem/Solution)

Is your internal IT team struggling to meet the demands of your Dallas business? Help them out with co-managed IT services from Integrated365.

Is Your Internal Dallas IT Team Struggling?

The way we use technology is evolving at a rapid rate. In the past, an internet connection and a few computers were enough to get you by. Nowadays, we leverage a range of applications, devices, and equipment to stay productive and competitive in our fields. Information technology can be complex, but hiring an internal person or team to help you manage it is a great way to eliminate the hassle and help you and your employees stay focused on what matters most: serving your customers.

But what happens if your internal person or team gets overwhelmed? Here’s the thing: information technology can be time-consuming to monitor, manage, and secure, even for the most well-versed technicians. This is especially true for internal departments that don’t have access to enterprise-grade tools and/or resources. When your internal person or team is overwhelmed, you’ll start to see:

  • Maintenance becomes an afterthought with patches and/or updates applied too late to protect your systems.
  • Support starts to lack as staff members wait hours, or worse, days for a response or assistance.
  • Purchases become delayed as a result of a lack of planning that, in turn, creates budgetary constraints.

Overall, you start becoming less productive, secure, and efficient – the exact opposite of what you WANT technology to do for you. And to make matters worse, piling on even more responsibility is a recipe for disaster – leaving your internal person or team feeling defeated, anxious, and stressed out. Just think about everything they’re handling at any given time:

  • Keeping documentation up-to-date and accurate
  • Maintaining servers, desktops, and other equipment
  • Applying patches, updates, and other preventative measures
  • Monitoring the network around-the-clock
  • Troubleshooting issues for staff members
  • Managing and testing data, application, and system backups
  • Completing important initiatives and/or projects

On top of all of this, they’re working hard to keep themselves informed and in-the-know on what’s happening in the technology world AND your industry. Basically, what they’re doing is impressive – and it’s not surprising if they’re starting to slip up now and then.
Co-Managed IT Services in Dallas

Should You Hire More Internal People?

Here’s the thing: hiring more people seems like a sound solution, but you’re paying a lot of extra money:

  • Salaries
  • Benefits
  • Overtime
  • Vacation pay
  • Workstation
  • And much more

Plus, the problem typically isn’t your people, but the fact that they don’t have proven, tried-and-true processes, enterprise-grade monitoring and maintenance tools, and plenty of experience to simplify their workload.

What Makes Co-Managed IT Services the Best Option?

Co-managed IT services is the option we typically recommend when business owners ask us what to do about an “underperforming” internal support person or team. Why? Because a co-managed approach gives you the best of both worlds. An MSP will augment your internal person or team’s capabilities – offering additional assistance, expertise, and services at a flat-rate monthly fee. This means your internal person or team gets help with:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring and regular maintenance to prevent issues
  • Greater security against threats with advanced cybersecurity tools and measures
  • More availability with around-the-clock onsite or remote support
  • Access to an entire team of experts who can assist with any sort of initiatives
  • Defined processes, technologies, and leadership from years of experience.

They share the responsibility with your internal person or team – helping them shine at what they do best. An MSP is able to offer much more than an additional person or people can:

  1. They’re trained and certified at no expense to their clients. Instead, they keep up with the world of technology on their own time.
  2. They’re more affordable because they offer a range of services at a flat-rate monthly fee that’s predictable.
  3. They’re able to bring various skill-sets to the table because they have a diverse, skilled team with various people that are ready to help you.

Let your internal technology support person or team shine!

Ready to get started? Our team provides co-managed IT services that let your internal technology support person or team shine.

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