Why The Modern Workplace Make Sense For Dallas Organizations

Discover how the modern workplace benefits large and small organizations across Dallas and Fort Worth.

Modern Workplace In Dallas (Business Insights)

Is your company still struggling with outdated technology and prone to cyber-attacks? If so, its time to look at the impact and what it may be costing your business by not adapting quickly enough to a modern workplace. A modern workplace is what employees dream about where they can’t wait to go to work. This is why it makes sense for Dallas organizations to give employees what they want. The result? It means you stay on the cutting edge of technology propelling you into the future.

What Constitutes a Modern Workplace?

To some, a modern workplace is a funky downtown office decked out with super cool office furniture, cool background music, and a kitchen equipped with endless snacks and gourmet coffees.

For others, a modern workplace is more than just the coolest address in the city, it is a workplace that is equipped with the latest technologies including Microsoft 365 and Google G-Suite. The modern workplace is about technology which brings together collaboration and innovation to your business regardless of where employees are located. The trappings of providing a workplace with exposed bricks, trendy glass walls, and oversized windows are these alone fails to deliver the expectation that the technology matches.

What Employees Want

Any smart business person will understand that hiring and retaining talent is the key to a successful business. The best way to retain talent is to understand what employees want. It is not all about money, earning all the money in the world will never compensate for outdated technology, slow computers, and patchy internet connections. All this does is perpetuate employee dissatisfaction and ongoing frustration.

Employees want technology that meets their needs, is easy to learn and operate ensuring they feel empowered and not bogged down with boring repetitive and routine tasks. They want to be challenged with the opportunity to make a contribution they can be proud of. They want a modern workplace that allows them to automate mundane tasks and focus on innovation and big picture thinking.

The Nature of Work has Changed

A modern business workplace is no longer necessarily located in a dedicated office space making reliance on updated technology more important than ever before. Because of Covid-19, many businesses have been forced to change how they operate. With so many more people working from home, the nature of work has changed. This means adopting the technologies that they need to continue to operate at their pre-COVID levels. Employees need the ability to work remotely anywhere, anytime on any device, and stay connected which is what a modern workplace in Dallas will give them.

Having access to a modern workplace consultant in Dallas allows you and your team to use their computers at home, a PC at the office, a smartphone or tablet on the go to access all the information they need to collaborate with their coworkers or customers and work effectively in their day to day activities. The modern workplace does not end there because today’s technology means employees can collaborate on projects in real-time with document sharing capability. Best of all, working in the cloud means all versions of documents are automatically saved negating the need to keep a manual record of each version.

Problem Solving Becomes Easier

Microsoft is a leader when it comes to offering modern workplace solutions ultimately improving employee satisfaction and productivity. Focused on creating seamless communication strategies that allow employees to collaborate across locations and platforms has changed the workplace landscape.

Employees are empowered to be more productive comforted that all their communications are secure and they can rely on the integrity of their data and systems. Problem-solving becomes easier with an all-in-one solution like Microsoft Teams with intuitive software that makes collaboration easy.

A Modern Workplace Means Planning For The Future

The new reality is that the modern workforce is distributed with coworkers located in different places. They could be working from home, in a local coffee shop, or from an airport lounge all keeping different schedules. With a distributed workplace, it means companies need to create a new way of thinking and plan for the future where communication and collaboration are at the forefront of their technology.

Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool and the leader in cloud software and has the capacity to launch your business into the future. Communication and data management is also a must for any modern workplace. A comprehensive IT strategy that includes Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications, integration of next-generation data management and enterprise-level approach to cybersecurity, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is only the beginning of developing a workplace for the future.

Modern Workplace Functionality

In order for a modern workplace to function effectively, it needs to focus on four critical components.


The modern workforce needs to be flexible to cater to the ever-changing needs of the workforce. The traditional Monday to Friday, 9-5 schedule is no longer viable. With smartphones substituting as small computers, tablets that replicated laptops once attached with a keyboard, means employees have the ability to work anytime, from anywhere, and work on any device.

Gartner survey revealed that 82% of business leaders in the legal, HR, finance, compliance, and real estate sectors intend to permit employees to work remotely at least some of the time into the future. Elisabeth Joyce from Gartner comments, “The question now facing many organizations is not how to manage a remote workforce, but how to manage a more complex, hybrid workforce.”


The workplace should be available to employees 24/7 giving them access to the technology they need at all times not just for those working remotely. With flexible schedules, some employees function better early in the morning whereas others like to burn the midnight oil. Due to family commitments, they might want to work over the weekend when the spouse can take on childcare duties.


Technology, systems, and processes need to be streamlined with tools that allow for collaboration in real-time so that coworkers feel connected across every location and every department. Business leaders must provide the modern workforce with modern work tools to perform at their best.

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