How Much Does Managed Services Cost In Frisco TX?

Asking yourself "How much does managed IT services cost in Frisco, TX?"

Managed Services Cost In Frisco TX

For small to large companies looking for help to upgrade or maintain their IT infrastructure, managed IT service providers can provide solutions for resources, planning, and oversight of technology assets. However, the cost of managed services often serves as a barrier to taking a partnership with an MSP beyond wishful thinking. For starters, how do you know what’s reasonable in the market?

This article provides a starting point for businesses vetting out whether managed IT services fit within their budget. You can use this information to initiate conversations with different vendors. It acts as a guideline for internal discussions on pricing that can give you the confidence to put your technology tasks into the hands of experts. Then, you can concentrate on running the business.

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What Do Managed Services Costs in Frisco, TX?

The costs below best match businesses between 10 and 100 employees with no extensive internal IT support. Prices tend to go up on the east and west coasts. So, we targeted Midwestern companies when compiling this data. While you can contract services for an all-in monthly flat fee, many SMBs decide to go to a cost per user model. This gives you the flexibility to scale your services up or down more reliably.

For cities the size of Frisco, the range lies between $90 and $140 per user per month. This broad estimate includes software, hardware, and support. Ala carte options could increase or decrease this range significantly. You can expect services to be more expensive in larger cities such as Dallas. As a placeholder, consider $75 to $300 as a good range for MSP support in the city. Although this is a wide range, you can narrow it down by looking at the factors that influence pricing, discussed below.

Managed Services Cost in Frisco

What Factors Influence the Cost of Managed Services?

The main factors for the cost of managed services include the complexity of your IT stack, including legacy systems, core business applications, and the number of total users. If you have several locations, remote users, and large data repositories, you should take that into account in your estimates.

Technology Complexity

If you run a small company of 50 people with three or four main software solutions, you can expect to pay less than a large enterprise with several locations, more than a dozen systems and a large workforce. Price ranges between similarly-sized organizations can also vary greatly. Consider a company with 50 employees across three locations, plus a remote sales team and round-the-clock operations. This company has a CRM, ERP and back-office accounting and HR software assets.

In contrast, a small distributor has 30 employees, a single location, two core applications, and normal business hours.

The managed services for the business with more moving parts would obviously cost more to support and maintain.

Core Business Applications

The number of systems you need to run your business affects your total technology costs. That’s one of the reasons companies tend to streamline their operations by consolidating systems whenever possible. QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Made-to-Manage are just a few tools used by SMBs. If your organization has several core applications, with hybrid, local or cloud-based platforms, lots of data and multiple servers, the needs will increase in terms of security, maintenance, and hardware and software assets.

On top of that, you may want to take this opportunity to move key functions into a cloud-based system like AWS or Azure. Therefore, it’s crucial to gather the details of your current system, an outline of your desired future, and the road map on how to get there.

Integrated365 can provide an assessment of your current system and help you determine how to move forward with managed IT services that can streamline your operations and improve your technology performance. Our managed services include the following:

We are a Dallas-based managed service provider you can trust with your long-term business success.

Number of Users and Locations

The number of employees that access your technology systems affects the cost of managed services. This is even more true if they access your network from various devices. You may need additional security measures for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Similarly, if you have more than one location, you’ll need to synchronize the backups and data storage strategy to ensure everyone is looking at the latest version of your data.

Other Considerations

Other considerations for the cost of managed services in Frisco, TX include the amount of data stored and how it’s currently stored.

Ask yourself the following questions to adjust your pricing expectations:

  • Do you need help desk support?
  • Do you need the managed service provider to maintain software updates for network and desktop devices?
  • Will the MSP provide monitoring for security and performance?
  • Do you need a managed services company to handle endpoint security, email services or data backup and recovery?

Project-based work such as software implementation may increase your budget. You also have to factor in the in-house IT team you plan to retain. If you need to weigh the total impact of the cost of managed services in Frisco, don’t forget to include licensing costs for applications such as Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite.

Where Can You Turn for Managed Services in Frisco, TX?

At Integrated 365, our team of consultants can help you perform an in-depth discovery process. This may only take a few hours to complete, depending on how the discussion goes and what information you have ready. Feel free to contact us to begin scoping out the requirements for an accurate pricing estimate.