Why You Need A Local IT Company In Dallas Or Fort Worth

There are a number of key benefits to having a local IT company in Dallas / Fort Worth looking after your business’ technology. Do you know what they are?

Do You Understand The Value Of Working With A Local IT Company In Dallas / Fort Worth?

Information technology is more complicated than ever before – there are many things to consider when selecting an IT service company.

You could hire a remote IT provider – they’re cheap, simple, and common in North America. But what happens when a disaster occurs, and you need a technician fast?

Without a local IT company in Dallas / Fort Worth, who is readily on hand to visit your site, and who really cares about your business, your IT needs will go unattended. This will end up hurting your bottom line.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our new clients is that the remote IT company took too long to respond to requests for service. This includes the time they took to answer phone calls and ticket requests online, as well as the time it took to resolve their problems.

They tell us that the remote IT company:

  • Didn’t return their calls promptly
  • Only made on-site visits when it was convenient for them
  • Took too long to resolve their IT problems

Wouldn’t you rather have a local IT service company in Dallas / Fort Worth who’s invested in your relationship and quality IT service?

5 Reasons You Need A Local IT Company In Dallas / Fort Worth

Choosing a local IT company in Dallas / Fort Worth like Integrated365 will deliver a range of advantages:

Fast On-Site Support

How long will it take for a distant IT company to show up? Will you be high on their priority list? Probably not. This is unacceptable — every minute of downtime costs you in productivity. Your IT service company should always treat your problems with a sense of urgency.

When you work with a local IT company in Dallas / Fort Worth, they can resolve issues promptly. This prevents IT interruptions and downtime.

Personalized Attention

Your business is unique, and you shouldn’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Remote IT support providers implement generalized solutions because it’s easy. They don’t know (or even care to know) that you require more customized solutions to grow your business.

With a local IT company in Dallas / Fort Worth who can meet with you to learn about your operations and goals, you’ll receive the personalized attention you deserve.

Timely Technology Upgrades

Technology upgrades are required for businesses to succeed today. When your distant IT company puts this off until they have the time to get there, your business will suffer. Outdated and failing equipment pose a threat to your success. Using outdated technology can:

  • Lead to catastrophic data loss.
  • Increase your exposure to IT security threats.
  • Cause downtime and loss of productivity.
  • Impair employee efficiency.
  • Affect your competitiveness.

IT Strategy

Too many companies jump from one system to another, never realizing the full benefit of their technology. Your IT strategy must be aligned with your business goals. The right solutions help you save money, improve processes, and exceed customer expectations.

This requires hours of meetings with your leadership that a remote IT company can’t provide. You need a direct line to your IT advisor who can help you make plans for the future and adjust them along the way.

Faster Resolution Times

Just like response times, it’s important to know that resolution times for logged support tickets will be prompt. Both response and resolution times are shorter when you have a local IT company in Dallas / Fort Worth that’s invested in your success.

For more information regarding the benefits that a local IT company can have for your business, click here to reach one of our experts or call (469) 634-7653 today!