Data Protection

Discover what top-tier data protection looks like and get to know Dallas-based experts who can help you keep your valuable business data safe at all times.

What Does Great Data Protection Look Like?

Discover what top-tier data protection looks like and get to know Dallas-based experts who can help you keep your valuable business data safe at all times.  

Every single business has valuable data that cyber hackers would want to get their hands on. Thankfully, with the right data protection tools and strategies, you can keep your business safe from breaches that would betray the trust of your customers, business partners, and suppliers have placed in you. Read on to get to know Integrated365’s top-tier data protection options.

Data Protection Solutions In Dallas

Secure Storage

Integrated365 offers secure storage solutions that enable you to keep data safe while making it easily accessible to employees who need to use it to do their jobs. Our secure storage options include:

  • Public cloud migration and monitoring
  • Private cloud set-up, migration, and monitoring
  • Hybrid storage solutions involving the combined use of a public and private cloud or the use of a cloud with an on-site storage system.

Another aspect of our secure storage services is compartmentalizing information so that only those who need to see it can gain access to it. It’s not uncommon for employees to have access to a wide range of data, but this set-up poses a grave danger to your company as one compromised password can put your entire set-up in danger. We segment your information to limit its availability, keeping your confidential information secure at all times.

Data Back-up Solutions

We offer a wide range of data back-up solutions to meet your business needs and ensure your company remains compliant with industry regulations. Our solutions include cloud back-up plans, on-site back-up plans, image-based back-ups, and virtualization services so your company can continue operations offline should the need arise. Furthermore, we test our back-up services regularly to ensure that they are 100% reliable at all times.

Employee Training

Most data breaches are caused by human error. It’s all too easy for a busy employee to store or transmit a file insecurely, leaving valuable information vulnerable to hacks. Our employee training programs protect your data by:

  • Teaching your staff members how to set up two-factor authentication and select strong passwords
  • Recognize malicious pop-ups and email attachments
  • Setting rules in place so employees know how to handle sensitive data

Integrated365 is committed to offering the best data protection available in the industry. Our technicians are experienced and continually improve their skills by staying abreast of current cybersecurity developments. We partner with leading tech companies to offer the best tools and services to each one of our clients.

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